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Beyond Contract Cheating, Towards Academic Integrity Seminar

The research field around contract cheating has begun to move so quickly that it is difficult for new people joining the field to stay up to date.

The Beyond Contract Cheating presentation, which I delivered as part of a seminar at the University of St Andrews, aims to put the latest UK and international guidance into context. At the same time, it is also introduces the idea of working with students to generate a positive culture of academic integrity.

You can find the slides used in the presentation archived on my SlideShare account. There are also many other contract cheating slide decks there.

The presentations slides are also embedded below.

Eliminating The Successor To Plagiarism – Identifying The Usage Of Contract Cheating Sites

This presentation contains updated and enhanced versions of the very first major talk I delivered on contract cheating.

It explores how the industry has greatly developed over a 10 year period.

You can see the slides for the review style presentation on contract cheating on my SlideShare account. They are also embedded below.

Contract Cheating and Academic Misconduct Within Health Education

This presentation, from 2015, was particularly lively due to nurses in the room. I remember them nodding and joining in regarding how easy it was to cheat in nursing as this was considered something of a (barely hidden) secret.

The slides for the talk are available for access. These can be viewed on my SlideShare account, or viewed below.