Contract Cheating – Celebrating 15 Years?

The first research paper on contract cheating was published in 2006, meaning that 2021 has marked 15 years since the phenomenon was first named.

But how well has the sector addressed contract cheating and are they prepared for future developments designed to subvert academic integrity? This feature presentation for the International Center for Academic Integrity aimed to address these questions.

The presentation slides are available on the SlideShare account for Thomas Lancaster). They are also included below.

An Examination Of How Successful Essay Mills And Contract Cheating Services Have Been In Integrating Within Different Academic Disciplines

Most of the research into contract cheating focuses on this problem as every academic discipline is the same. But essay mills are savvy and are marketing to students based on their background.

These slides, presented at Plagiarism Across Europe And Beyond, review the demand for contract cheating in different discipline groups, as well as the marketing reach of contract cheating services to discipline groups.

The slides are available on the SlideShare account for Thomas Lancaster. They are also included below.