About Contract Cheating

The term contract cheating describes the form of academic dishonesty where students get academic work completed on their behalf, which they then submit for academic credit as if they had created it themselves.

Often contract cheating involves the payment of a fee to a third party, who then creates the work for the student.

One example of contract cheating would be a student being set an essay. They would then use an essay mill service to have this piece of work written for them. The student would then hand in the essay for marking as if they had written this for themselves.

Since this was an entirely original piece of work, it is unlikely that this would be detected using standard anti-plagiarism text matching services such as TurnItIn.

About ContractCheating.com

ContractCheating.com is intended to provide an overview of the current research into contract cheating. It is provided on behalf of the originators of the contract cheating phrase, Thomas Lancaster and Robert Clarke.