Contract Cheating: The State of Research and Practice in 2020

What do researchers studying an academic integrity module need to know about contract cheating research? This presentation was delivered as a guest seminar for PhD candidates on the Academic Integrity Policies course at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University in Turkey. It considers the background to the research area, where the field is at know and what should be considered for the future.

The presentation slides are available on the SlideShare account for Thomas Lancaster. They are also included below.

You can also view a video recording of the guest seminar on YouTube here.

Dirt Cheap Contract Cheating On

This video blog posts looks at a method that students are using to get essays written on their behalf, often for as little as 1c per word. This technique for contract cheating uses the micro outsourcing site, which has seen little coverage in the research literature.

As well as services for writing outlines, proof reading, creating programming code, solving Maths problems and the like at $5 a time, the video also shows an essay writer with 251 positive reviews from previous work. That’s at least 251 essays, assuming that not everyone leaves feedback.

500 Word Essay For $5 On

Job Details For 500 Word Essay For $5 On

There’s some very good feedback about the service and it’s interesting to see how the seller can sometimes produce multiple essays in a single day. That suggests that the quality may be lacking (and there is a suggestion in some of the feedback that there may be some plagiarism), but there are also some very high marks showing, including students with 95%.

One piece of recent feedback stood out to me, with a student noting $100 of repeat business (around 10,000 words in total across multiple essays).

Repeat Business With Contract Cheating Using

This suggests that students are continuing to cheat regularly and to get away with it, especially when using dirt cheap contract cheating opportunities as is facilitated using sites such as

And that’s just one person using one seller on a single site.

There is certainly room for continued investigation of and other low cost micro outsourcing sites for other instances of contract cheating.