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Addressing Contract Cheating and Other Threats to Academic Integrity

These are slide from a keynote presentation which I delivered at the University of Wolverhampton, not only discussing the problem of contract cheating, but also many of the solutions available for academics and institutions to investigate.

The slides I used are available on my SlideShare account. They are also included below.

The Phenomena of Contract Cheating

Lancaster, T & Clarke, R (2007) The Phenomena of Contract Cheating, in Student Plagiarism in an Online World: Problems and Solutions, Roberts, T. S. (editor), Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA: Idea Group Inc.

This chapter discusses the issue of contract cheating. This is where students have work completed on their behalf which is then submitted for academic credit. A thorough background to this phenomena is presented. A list of the main contract cheating Web sites is also given. These contract cheating sites are placed into four classifications: auctions sites, discussion forums, essay mills and feed aggregators. Approaches are proposed for tutors to set assigned work that is less susceptible to contract cheating than standard assessments. The chapter concludes by arguing that urgent attention needs to be paid to contract cheating to avoid it becoming an educational problem of the same scale as plagiarism.

The Phenomena of Contract Cheating