External Blog Posts On Contract Cheating

As part of my wider professional presence and continued publicity into contract cheating, I’ve written several blog posts which have been posted on other sites.

To make it easy for people visiting ContractCheating.com to find these, I thought it would be useful to include a single post with the main links.

First of all, here are some discussions about contract cheating from my personal blog:

My First Experience Of Contract Cheating


This was a post where I discussed a personal issue which got me particularly involved with the contract cheating field.

The Best Way To Take Notes At Conferences And Workshops

There are some discussions from the Contract Cheating Special Interest Group included here (more are available using the main Contract Cheating SIG archive).

Who Are You Paying For Assignments?


Here’s a short discussion post with a forum contribution which caught my eye, showing a way that a student was caught contract cheating.

Rescuing Academic Research


In this post, I discuss some research that I’ve completed but which hasn’t been published. There are some holes in the contract cheating area, and Robert Clarke, in particular, has compiled a lot of research as part of his role as a contract cheating detective.

How To Create A High Value Web Site In A Day


This is a bit of background about how ContractCheating.com came to be here.

There’s also a section related to contract cheating on my main professional presence:

Contract Cheating Research On ThomasLancaster.co.uk


This is slightly superseded by this site, although the information is still valid. That single link alone contains a lot of visitors from Google, so I hope that they end up redirected to this site.

Here is a guest post about contract cheating which I made on the Higher Education Academy STEM blog:

Why Aren’t We Winning The Contract Cheating Battle?


I spent a week as a guest blogger for the HEA, showcasing many of the useful resources that they’ve developed. I do hope that the STEM blog continues to be developed and used, as there is plenty of useful material on there. At this one, I provided a more general introduction on to some of the research that we’ve conducted into EssayBay, complete with examples (and also used the opportunity to promote the HEA Contract Cheating SIG).

The Future Of Contract Cheating Blog Posts

Whilst I intend to make most of my posts on contract cheating on this site, it is important to not just restrict them to this site (this creates a wider interest for Google and continues to grow my professional presence in this area).

It’s also worth noting that these are blog posts, so they form part of a modern wide research profile, but these aren’t explicitly peer reviewed academic research. The main literature sources should still be considered the main definitive sources in this area.

It is interesting how the world of academic research is changing and I feel that blogs and social media will have a growing role in this area.

One thing that constructing this site has done is that it has demonstrated several “holes” in the wider contract cheating research fields that do need to be filled with published academic papers. For now, the likes of blog posts and presentation slides can fill some of these gaps, but they aren’t a complete solution.

As always, there is lots of potential for undergraduate project students, MSc students, PhD students and other researchers and practioners to become involved in the investigations into the contract cheating area.

Contract Cheating Goes Beyond Essays And Programs

Initially, when we first started looking at contract cheating, the type of requests made by students to get work completed for them invariably fell within two categories.

Either, they were the standard type of essay, created using an essay mill or auction site.

Or, they were some kind of Computing related assignment, usually programming. Presumably, this was because the main types of auction sites used were particularly geared towards this cheating activity.

But, the world of contract cheating has moved on.

Today’s students are much more sophisticated and they know other ways to use these tools to their advantage.

For instance, it’s very easy to go out and to get someone to prepare a presentation for you. That includes all the slides that you need to give the presentation, ready to go. A script can also be provided.

That’s a ready made service offered now by different essay companies.

There are also larger assignments submitted in stages. The kind of thing where a student has to supply an outline, then a draft, then a final version.

These are easy to fool. Just hire someone to work with you all the way throughout that assignment process. Get them to write the outline, the draft and the final version and then pass the feedback after each stage back to the hired writer.

That kind of thing is particularly crucial where a Final Year Project or Dissertation is involved, which can be considered just like a very large assignment, submitted in stages.

The academic world needs to be smarter with the type of assignments that are set to students and the ways in which these are made contract cheating proof.