Contract Cheating – Celebrating 15 Years?

The first research paper on contract cheating was published in 2006, meaning that 2021 has marked 15 years since the phenomenon was first named.

But how well has the sector addressed contract cheating and are they prepared for future developments designed to subvert academic integrity? This feature presentation for the International Center for Academic Integrity aimed to address these questions.

The presentation slides are available on the SlideShare account for Thomas Lancaster). They are also included below.

Discipline Differences in Contract Cheating

Contract cheating has developed into a complex problem. All too often, we’re in danger of thinking that a single solution to contract cheating is suitable for all academic disciplines.

This talk from the International Centre for Academic Integrity Conference 2020 explored why we need to think about contract cheating as discipline level. The talk was based around two recent research papers.

The slides are available on the SlideShare account for Thomas Lancaster. They are also included below.

Contract Cheating And The Essay Writing Industry – Following The Trail Of Money

The manner in which contract cheating services are marketed to students has not received anywhere near the amount of attention it deserves.

This presentation, delivered in Athens, Greece in 2016, follows the money trail, noting particularly the quantity of this that ends up with managers and site owners and the tiny proportion that ends up with essay writers.

You can see the slides for the presentation on my SlideShare account. They are also embedded below.