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Using Turnitin As A Tool For Attribution In Cases Of Contract Cheating

Although contract cheating can’t commonly be detected using plagiarism detection tools (as it represents original work), there are occasional breakthroughs.

This presentation, from an HEA event, shows how Turnitin has been used to attribute work placed on freelancing websites in several cases.

You can also check out this talk on Thomas Lancaster’s SlideShare account).

The Threat Of Contract Cheating – Examining The Paid For Assignment Solutions Unduly Populating The Computing Discipline

What can the Computing discipline do about contract cheating? After all, these are the academics with the technical skills to design solutions to prevent and detect contract cheating and plagiarism.

This research presentation, delivered at University of West London, looked particularly at issues relating to Computing, as well as the developments that would likely prove useful to academics within this field.

The slides, from this contract cheating talk are available on SlideShare account for Thomas Lancaster. They are also included here.

Here’s What Happens When The Wider Community Hears About Contract Cheating

This is a post I made on my personal blog about a particular case of contract cheating using Freelancer.com.

The Contract Cheating Saga Of Crazylarry23

It’s interesting to me as it illustrates that people outside the core academic discipline involved with contract cheating are not aware how common this type of academic misconduct is.

The article discusses the case of Crazylarry23, his attempts to outsource work using Freelancer.com and the detective work carried out by the community to ensure that he did not succeed.

More detective work of that type around the contract cheating community would always be welcome.