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Contract Cheating and Academic Misconduct Within Health Education

This presentation, from 2015, was particularly lively due to nurses in the room. I remember them nodding and joining in regarding how easy it was to cheat in nursing as this was considered something of a (barely hidden) secret.

The slides for the talk are available for access. These can be viewed on my SlideShare account, or viewed below.

The Threat Of Contract Cheating – Examining The Paid For Assignment Solutions Unduly Populating The Computing Discipline

What can the Computing discipline do about contract cheating? After all, these are the academics with the technical skills to design solutions to prevent and detect contract cheating and plagiarism.

This research presentation, delivered at University of West London, looked particularly at issues relating to Computing, as well as the developments that would likely prove useful to academics within this field.

The slides, from this contract cheating talk are available on SlideShare account for Thomas Lancaster. They are also included here.

Contract Cheating Within The Computing Discipline – Examining The Threats And Solutions For Face-To-Face And Distance Learning Courses

As well as overviewing some key research findings on contract cheating, this talk particularly focused on the issues facing online universities, such as the Open University within the UK.

The slides, also available on SlideShare account for Thomas Lancaster, are included here.