Contract Cheating Special Interest Group

Along with the Higher Education Academy and the JISCMail service, we maintain an online mailing list for people interested in contract cheating.

The Contract Cheating Special Interest Group Mailing List can be accessed and joined here.

We also hold meetings at live events but most discussion is currently through the mailing list. There are some interesting discussions in the archives, including those from Private Tutors involved in the field.

Upcoming Introductory Contract Cheating Workshop

There has been a lot of call recently for an introductory workshop to contract cheating, taking things slowly and from the basics.

We have one date arranged at present, in conjunction with the Higher Education Academy (more dates can be added if there is demand).

The workshop takes place on Thursday, 13 March 2014, at Birmingham City University.

Booking Information On The Contract Cheating Workshop Is Available Here

We are also available to deliver customised versions of this HEA at other academic institutions, should the interest be there. These workshops are delivered in association with the HEA. Just contact us for details.

The workshop is supported by the Computing subject centre of the HEA, but the materials will be largely accessible for all the disciples for whom contract cheating is a problem.